Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia

Sebaceous gland hyperplasia appear as small white or yellowish bumps (up to 3mm in diameter), they are usually found over the face and are especially common in middle-aged or elderly people with oily skin. If these lesions are unsightly they can be simply removed with laser vaporization or light electrosurgery, but may have a chance of coming back.  While they are harmless and generally do not need treatment, some sebaceous gland hyperplasia lesions may mimic the appearance of a basal cell carcinoma (type of skin cancer) and in these cases a biopsy may be performed.

Of course, it is important to have any suspicious skin lesions checked by your dermatologist.  Many of these benign lumps and bumps may mimic a skin cancer but can be easily checked and ruled out by a qualified specialist.

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