Red Noses

You have probably heard of Red Nose Day, it is a fund-raising event organised by a British charity called Comic Relief.  Founded in 1985, it aims to raise funds for projects that help poor and disadvantaged people.  Red Nose Day is a telethon held biennially, celebrities and comedians man the phones, they ring people and ask them to donate – it is the main fund raising event of Comic Relief. It is a very meaningful event for a good cause – in this case red noses are great!

Having a red nose on oneself though is not always fun. In fact, it can be extremely embarrassing – most of us would not want to look like a clown (unless you really are one, and are performing!); nor want to give others the impression of having a cold. A red nose is sometimes associated with being a wino; even a heavy drinker won’t always want others to know about his habit.

Having a red nose, or a nose that turns red easily, is actually not as rare as you may think.  It can affect up to one in 20 adults, and is particularly prevalent in those with fair skin. It can affect males and females, and can range from just a touch of redness to a socially disturbing, extensive coverage. This condition can be associated with an underlying medical condition such as rosacea, particularly if there are significant signs and symptoms like a flushing sensation, sensitivity, dryness or pimples.

There are definitely genetic predispositions that trigger a red nose for some people; everyone gets their genetic makeup from their parents, and there is not much one can do about it.  What you can do though, is alter your lifestyle to prevent further reddening.


How to Manage Your Red Nose?

  • Avoid extended exposure to harsh environmental conditions like cold, strong winds and sunlight
  • Avoid sauna, steaming, using hot water for washing
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or hot spicy foods
  • Use mild face wash to wash your face with a gentle massage motion, rinse with lukewarm water and dab-dry your skin instead of rubbing
  • Use sunscreen before you go out and apply a gentle moisturizer to your face, particularly when the weather is cold and dry

If your red nose bothers you despite these simple measures, talk to your dermatologist. There are creams and vascular laser that can help you to tackle them.

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