Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser

Laser for Plane Warts

CO2 laser is usually the choice of treatment for removal of plane warts, especially on face and neck, as its fine beam can target on the lesions more precisely to limit the damage to surrounding area, giving less downtime and more favourable outcomes compared with other treatments like cryotherapy.

CO2 laser works by heat absorption by the water contents of the warts resulting in vaporization of the infected cells. The vaporized tissue will then gently be scrapped away with a Q-tip.  The treated area will be a bit red and swollen for a day or two, then scabs will be formed which take 5-10 days to gradually fall off.

The treatment is usually well tolerated with numbing cream application beforehand, and antibiotic cream will be given when necessary afterwards.  Daily activities like shower and work are generally not affected, but it is advised to stay out of the sun and apply sunscreen daily to avoid possible undesirable post inflammatory hyperpigmention (marks). Scarring and infection are possible side effects of the procedure but rare, and sometimes 2-3 sessions might be needed to remove the warts completely.

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