Skin Care Tips for Acne:

It is a misconception that acne only affects teenagers. In fact, a significant number of adults are affected by acne throughout their lives, particularly women.

Usually medications are prescribed for effective treatment of acne. To optimize your treatment results, take note of the following home care tips:


Sweating appears to worsen acne in 15% of sufferers and humidity may also worsen the condition. Avoid tight clothing if you have acne on your body.


If you have acne, it does not mean that your skin is dirty. Cleansing and scrubbing skin excessively will not help acne and may actually make it worse. Remember that acne is created by over-productive oil glands which are well below the surface of the skin. Over-washing can dry out and irritate your skin, increasing inflammation and aggravating the situation. The best approach is to gently wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser and then pat dry with tissue or a clean towel.

Squeezing or Picking Pimples

Squeezing or picking pimples can damage cells under the skin, aggravating inflammation and increasing the chances of pigmentation and scarring which can remain even after acne has disappeared. As tempting as it is to squeeze them, pimples should be left alone and allowed to heal on their own. This process can be speeded up by the proper use of comedolytic preparations such as glycolic or salicylic acid.

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